Huruf Academy

Preserve the identity of your Arabic and Islamic children, and learn the Arabic language at any time and place.

What is Huruf Academy

It is an interactive electronic academy in the world, that uses the latest live broadcast systems and virtual classrooms to teach our children their Arabic language, their Islamic religion and their good Arabic customs, through a selection of Arab teachers who are experts in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and to any age group at any time. and a place.

Facts we depend on :

Interactive group lessons give double results than individual lessons if they are based on conversation between students.

To learn and master any language, there must be daily practice of the language with all its skills (listening, speaking, writing).

The strongest guarantee for the success of the educational process is the student's belief in his teacher, and the student's interest in gaining information.

The student's understanding of the content is accelerated by the parent's attention to the details that are provided to him through the Academy's administration

The students were provided with highly accurate and efficient interactive electronic content that the student can read during the days of the week and solve additional exercises that enhance the student’s understanding

To ensure that the language is used and understood, each hour has a language of direct study with the teacher, which must be accompanied by an hour of individual application and an hour of social interaction in the surrounding environment.

ممراحل الأكاديمية

This is the first stage, and it is the most important stage that the student will pass through the academy, as he will learn all the letters of the Arabic language (shapes, sound, writing) and will install them to form the necessary words through an interactive electronic curriculum prepared in a professional manner

This stage also contains a large amount of general information, terminology, and sciences related to Islamic education and the good customs and traditions

At the beginning of this stage, the student is entered into a preparatory stage that paves the way for the student to enter the letters stage and takes care of the following: (the sounds of the letters, the student’s voice, the pronunciation of some commonly used Arabic words, the initial simple conversation with the student)

The duration of this stage is from two to four months, depending on the level of the student

It is the second stage in the academy and is concerned with using letters to form words, and using words to form useful sentences

The duration of this stage is from two to four months, depending on the level of the student

It is the third stage in the academy and is concerned with teaching the Arabic grammar necessary to master the formation of sentences in correct manner.

The duration of this stage is from two to four months, depending on the level of the student

Attention is paid here to the Islamic heritage, the Islamic faith, the biography of the Messenger of God Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, worship, obedience, virtues, honoring parents and other Islamic values that the student needs to preserve his Islamic identity

This stage is gradually divided into the first three stages

The Arab student residing outside the borders of his country needs to know some of the good Arab customs, such as good neighborliness, visiting the sick, restoring peace, and maintaining the integrity and cohesion of society

This stage is gradually divided into the first three stages, along with Islamic values

Our Teaching Methods

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms The latest technological tools to transfer the student from reality to a virtual classroom in which the student finds all the tools he needs to communicate and interact with his teacher and colleagues, such as audio, image, video, mutual writing board, and other features

Interactive Online Content

The educational content of Huruf Academy is electronic and interactive, which allows the student to read it in an entertaining and attractive way during or after the class session, and it is in the form of measurable educational stages by the teacher.

Exams and Assessments

Huruf Academy is concerned with evaluating students on a continuous basis to measure educational outcomes, determine the level of students, and guide each student in a proper manner until the student becomes capable and has achieved all his educational goals.


To make the student connected to his teacher, the teacher assigns the students some interesting home jobs from time to time and the students hand the jobs to the teacher through the application, and the teacher in turn evaluates the student’s performance and gives him advice and feedback

Follow up with parents

One of the most important features of Huruf Academy is its high accuracy in following up with the parents for each event using all possible means of communication (phone, letters, mail, periodic reports), in our belief that the parent is an essential partner for the education of his children and the achievement of educational goals.

Educational activities and games

One of the best modern educational means is to teach students through play, so a wide range of educational activities are activated in the form of useful group games that attract students and create an environment of fun and pleasure for students

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