The gradient method is used with the student in an interactive way, follow the exercises below

Virtual Classroom

At this stage, the students participating in the class enter the interactive classroom with their teacher and start an interactive class based on the following elements

Explanation in a gradual and entertaining way

Take into individual differences among students

Participation by all students


Make conversations between students

Use the style of play and excitement


promoting students

Here is a recording of a live broadcast, watch it now.

Watch interactive content

At this stage, students access the electronic content within their personal account before or after the class and review the content in an interactive manner. The teacher can follow up on the student’s solution. This stage depends on the following elements:

Fully interactive content

Use of explanatory sounds

All texts are translated to help

All sounds are in both languages to help

Use evaluation questions

The exercises were created on the principle of stages and after each stage you get a badge of encouragement

promoting students

Variety of types of exercises

Try the content now

Some educational games to enhance memory

Islamic information and Arab culture

At this stage, some of the basics of our true Islamic religion are explained, which the student needs in his daily and social life, such as:

Pillars of Islam


dealing with parents

Memorizing and Explaining Some Surahs of the Qur’an

Memorizing and explaining some hadiths of the Prophet

Islamic morals are like kindness to neighbors

Some concepts of the true Islamic religion

and other topics

Try the content now:

General information and daily terminology

At this stage, the student is trained on a wide range of words and terms necessary for daily use in all areas such as:




the food

home facilities


the four Seasons

And other miscellaneous topics

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Relying on the manual solution using the pen in the correct way to improve the writing of the Arabic language.

At this stage, the student is trained to use the pen to write, through the writing notebook attached to the electronic content, which helps the student to practice Arabic writing on a daily basis, and the student submits his writing through the platform and the teacher checks the solution.

A copy of the student's notebook: