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This form is a request from the guardian to enroll one or more students for a week in Huruf Academy.

The aim of this free subscription is to reassure the parent to experience the education experience with the academy.

Please fill in the data in a correct and accurate manner

an interview will be scheduled between the parents , the student, and the reception department to determine the student’s level

– لا يجوز إستخدام الفترة المجانية لنفس الطالب أكثر من مرة .

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It is the name of the father, mother or the person responsible for the children who would like to participate in the Academy
يفضل إستخدام رقم هاتف فعال مع خدمة الwhatsapp عليه للتواصل السريع (الرجاء إدخال الرقم كامل مع مفتاح البلد)

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