Public policies and privacy

The policy of the educational process at Huruf Academy

Huruf Academy adopts a systematic and thoughtful policy to improve the level of its children within a set of procedures that were developed with precision and care, and the following matters were taken into account:

  • Do not put pressure on the student to prevent him from reaching a state of boredom and ennui.
  • Using educational methods that are attractive and enjoyable for the student.
  • Relying on reliable curricula.
  • Professional educational staff fluent in Arabic and English.
  • Flexibility in timing
  • Periodic reports to the guardian to keep him informed of his children’s condition.
  • Archiving and recording all broadcast lessons to document the course of the lessons.

It is a lesson of (an hour and a quarter - an hour and a half), including a (5-10) minute break.

  • (40-50) minutes: Arabic language.
  • (5-10) minutes: break.
  • (20-30) minutes: Islamic culture, morals, values, good customs and traditions.

It is a group of (2-4) students who study together at the same time and are close in age and level.  

  • Huruf Academy relies on the curriculum of the Jordanian Ministry of Education as a basic reference for education, specifically on the subjects of the Arabic language and Islamic culture. 
  • It also relies on the Madinah Arabic Reader series of books for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, provided by GoodWord.

 Huruf Academy has multiple levels depending on the condition and age of the student and his needs, from the stage of learning letters to the stage of mastering pronunciation, hearing, and writing letters, words, and sentences, along with some Arabic grammar skills.

During the stages of his progress at Huruf Academy, the student acquires all the Arabic language skills he needs in order to be able to practice his Arabic language, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

 The student's brochure is sent as a file and the guardian prints it on paper. The brochure contains:

  •  The same topics that the teacher teaches during the class.
  • It contains copy pages to improve calligraphy and writing in Arabic.
  • It contains electronic links (QR) that are scanned with the phone’s camera, which take you directly to interactive e-learning content that is attractive to the student, accompanying the content written on the booklet. Which helps the student understand and assimilate.

Huruf Academy is distinguished by its inclusion of interactive e-learning content that is attractive to the student and helps him understand the information in a quick and entertaining way. He can access it through the student page or by scanning the QR tag for each lesson.

Here, a group of topics related to Muslim life are presented, which are concerned with the pillars of Islam and faith, the biography of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, Muslim values and morals, and good customs and traditions, along with memorizing some surahs of the Holy Qur’an. The levels of Islamic culture depend on the student’s age and level.

The student is provided with simple and quick (optional) homework assignments and assignments to keep him remembering the educational materials he takes during the lessons.

The student's condition is evaluated periodically through an examination held in the middle of the level and at the end of each level for students.

  • Conversation
  • Multiple educational sources.
  • Repetition of letters and words to improve letter production.
  • Learning through play.
  • Create a spirit of competition among students.
  • Weekly HomeWorks and tasks.
  • Writing during class time.
  • write on the Student book for each level.
  • Check the student's level performance periodically to verify the level of demand.

Huruf Academy keeps the guardian constantly informed of his children’s condition through a set of reports as follows.

  • Monthly, the information, skills and educational objectives that will be taught to the student are sent as a monthly plan.
  • Weekly, a report is sent on the student’s status during the previous week, what was achieved, and educational goals

Monthly subscriptions and attendance and absence policy for students

  • يحصل كل طالب جديد على فرصة حضور أسبوع مجانا(درسين كل درس ساعة).
  • تكون مدة الاشتراك للشهر الواحد الإفتراضية للطالب هي أربعة أسابيع و كل أسبوع درسين مدة كل درس ( ساعة ونصف – ساعة وثلث)  يشمل استراحة 10 دقائق خلال الحصة. يعني أن الاشتراك هو عبارة عن رصيد حصص و ليس مدة زمنية من الى. على أن لا يتجاوز تمديد الاشتراك اكثر من 4 حصص للإشتراك الواحد في حال استحق الطالب تمديد اشتراك .
  • Parents are notified to pay the fees in advance.
  • في حال غياب المعلمة عن الحصة يتم إعلام أولياء الأمور مسبقا و يتم تمديد الاشتراكات للطلاب بمقدار الحصص التي تغيبها المعلمة و لا تحسب للطالب على أنها من الأربعة حصص المسموحة للطالب في تمديد الاشتراك بها.
  • في حال حصول ظرف طارئ عند المعلمة و تعذر عليها إمكانية حضور الحصص لدرسين أو أكثر فإنه يتم تعيين معلمة جديدة للشعبة الى حين عودة المعلمة للتدريس مجددا

If a student is absent from the lesson and has previously notified the Academy of this at least 24 hours before the class time, then:

  •  The subscription is extended by the amount of his absence from classes, provided that the student’s absence does not exceed 4 lessons in one monthly subscription.
  • the recording of class will be send to student
  • The teacher does a quick review for the student in the next lesson about the information he missed.

In the event of a student's sudden absence without informing the academy 

  • The subscription is will not extend by the amount of his absence from classes
  • the recording of class will be send to student
  • The teacher does a quick review for the student in the next lesson about the information he missed.
  • في حال غياب طالبين أو اكثر من طلاب الشعبة و كان غيابهم مبرر حسب النقطة رقم (1) فإنه يتم تأجيل الحصة للكل و تمدد الاشتراكات للكل.
  • في حال غياب طالبين أو اكثر من طلاب الشعبة و كان غيابهم غير مبرر حسب النقطة رقم (2) فإنه لا يتم تأجيل الحصة و تبقى قائمة مع الطلاب الحاضرين و لا يتم تمدد الاشتراكات للطلاب الغياب
  • في حال تأخر الطالب عن الحضور أو قام بحضور جزء من الدرس يتم احتساب الحصة للطالب و يتم ارسال تسجيل الحصة للطالب لمشاهدة ما غاب عنه من الحصة.
  • لا يتم تمديد للطالب اشتراكه الشهري الواحد أكثر من أربعة دروس في الاشتراك الواحد تحت أي ظرف من الظروف. 
  • في حالة العطل والأعياد الرسمية إذا تعارض موعد الحصة مع العطلة فإنه يتم تأجيل الحصص لكل الطلاب مع تمديد الاشتراكات للكل و لا تحسب للطالب على أنها من الأربعة حصص المسموحة للطالب في تمديد الاشتراك بها

Public policies

The student’s guardian registers on the website, and registers his children on the website through the special form and according to the plan he chooses. He chooses the appropriate times for his children and fills out the data as required. Then the academy administration conducts an interview with the guardian and the student to determine the student’s level. Accurately, it determines what the guardian’s needs are, and after that the academy conducts one or two free lessons for the student to try out the academy. After that, all the necessary data is sent to the guardian along with the appropriate lesson schedule for the children. Then the students enter the lessons and the educational process begins. The father pays the financial dues every month for his children by making an advance payment for each monthly subscription according to the prices shown.

A guardian’s account is created through the guardian’s subscription by entering the website link, creating a guardian’s account, and providing the website with the information necessary to complete the registration process.

Student accounts are created through the site administration itself, and the data is sent to the guardian through communication mechanisms

The mechanism of communication between the academy administration and the guardian is through the following:

Parent's official email

The phone call to the parent's phone number

SMS text messages to the parent's phone

WhatsApp messages to the guardian’s phone.

Mechanisms for communicating with the student through the website's tools.

Parent and student information must be correct and permanent so that we can deal with it on a permanent basis to ensure full results.

If the parent has already shared children and wants to add a new student, he must add them from the same parent’s account in order to be able to take the family offers.

The guardian’s data includes all the information that the guardian provided to the Academy, such as the name, e-mail, and others.

It also includes all the requests requested by the guardian, the financial payments and their dates, the number of participating students and other data.


Credit cards

Bank transfer

Exchanger centers transfer

If the electronic payment process is not possible, the payments can be transferred to bank and bank transfers.

The time period for any subscription, regardless of the number of students, is four weeks. You pay your financial obligations to the site in advance, unless you contact the academy administration and a special financial and time offer is specified for you.

One week subscription for free:

The guardian can involve all his children in this offer, whether they are in the same period or at different times, and each student has the right to use this offer only once on the site, and the repeat student is distinguished through the guardian’s information, student information, student photos, and live broadcast classes.

One student subscription:

It is a subscription for one student from one parent, and the parent renews the subscription through the website.

Family subscriptions:

It is a family subscription that includes two or more students from the same family (father, mother, and children). What distinguishes this subscription is the presence of encouraging family offers. The family subscription is renewed collectively for all children at once.

The guardian determines a financial value for his joint children through the price list he chooses.

The guardian pays the financial dues to the academy in advance at the beginning of each subscription.

The parent can pay more than one subscription in advance at once, in coordination with the academy administration, and the amounts paid are calculated as his advance balance.

To ensure the parents' financial rights, the subscription starts from the date of the start of the lessons and not from the date of payment of the subscription.

If the new subscription is not paid during the last week of the previous subscription, a payment reminder will be sent on the last day of the current monthly subscription.

If payment is not made within two days of the start of the new monthly subscription, the student's account will be suspended. And their accounts are activated after they are paid at any later time.

The guardian can terminate the participation of his children in the academy and has the right to return the money if he meets the condition of returning the money, and his remaining financial balance is frozen for a period of three months if it does not meet the condition of returning the money. And he can use his credit during the available three months.

Subscription is terminated by an official notification from the guardian to the Academy’s administration through the available communication channels.

The money is returned to the guardian in the event that the guardian makes a subscription for his children, whether it is a subscription renewal or a new subscription request, and the children did not take any lessons from the new subscription, so the guardian requests to stop the lessons and request a refund.

It is preferable for the student to use a computer, laptop, tab or tablet during studying at the academy (priority in order), and it is not preferable to use the phone except for necessity.

The student must also have headphones with a microphone.

The device used must have a front camera, in order to activate it during the lessons.

During the study, the student may have paper, pens and a writing pad for the academy.

A PDF file for each educational subject is uploaded to the student’s account. This file is an exercise book that the student uses to write on it, and the guardian has to print it on paper and turn it into a hard copy for each student to practice on.

Suggested timings are presented by the Academy's administration at the end of the week, in the middle of the week, and during the entire week.

The focus is on the weekend because students have their own school studies during the week

After each main or sub stage, the student is tested to determine his level and his ability to move to the next stage.